The topic of marijuana is not often discussed, but for several years you can still get the impression that our country ceases to treat cannabis facts as a taboo. After all, medical marijuana was legalized in 2017, but you had to wait for the actual opportunity to buy dried herbs in a pharmacy until December 17, 2018. Nevertheless, the recreational use of marijuana is still illegal click to read more.

What is marijuana?

It is a popular drug that has a strong psychedelic effect. A person taking marijuana may experience its painkilling, calming, and appetite-stimulating effects. It all depends on the variety of cannabis, because the user may also feel very agitated and euphoric. There are usually two types. Indica – calms and relaxes. Sativa – stimulates and enhances creativity. The most important role in the functioning of cannabis is played by the cannabinoids – THC and CBD (i.e. cannabidiol, the main component of CBD hemp oil ), where THC brings the mind into a different state of consciousness.

A few interesting facts

  1. Cannabis cannot overdose! If you burn several hundred kilos in a dozen or so minutes, it is possible, but even Snoop Dogg himself – which apart from music is known for smoking gigantic amounts of drought – would not be able to cope.


  1. Everyone has a beer from time to time. However, not everyone knows that hops are a relative of hemp!  They have a similar taste and smell, so you can sometimes get the impression that the golden drink smells … something completely different!


  1. Marijuana is said to be one of those light drugs that are converted to hard drugs. This is the opinion of avid opponents of cannabis. Research proves that those who regularly used alcohol are prone to heavy drugs. Also, when Colorado legalized marijuana, there was a 10% drop in crime after a few months.


  1. In Turpan in northern China, a tomb was found in which the body of a shaman was buried, and next to it, well preserved … almost a kilogram of dried fruit! This means that the plant was used more than 2,700 years ago. Although marijuana has a very specific smell, the one found in the tomb was devoid of it, but it did not lose its properties.

cannabis facts

  1. 2700 years is a lot? Hemp seeds were used as food in China as early as 6,000 BC!


  1. Dimethylheptylpyran is a synthetic THC equivalent that was invented in 1949. Unlike natural THC, the effect of dimethyl heptyl pyran can last up to 2-3 days!


  1. The name marijuana comes from Mexico. The slang there used to describe cannabis facts using the names Mary and Jane.


  1. Hemp is a strong plant – it can grow in any condition, and depending on the species, its growth is 2.5-5 cm per day. The largest “bushes” can reach about six meters in height!


  1. Although today alcohol is a legal substance and marijuana is illegal, a movement was established in 1890, the aim of which was to persuade the public to switch from using high-proof alcohol to smoking cannabis.


  1. Mexico is the world’s largest marijuana exporter. The cartels there send goods to the United States, the value of which can even exceed USD 60 billion a year (around PLN 225 billion)! For comparison, the annual budget is PLN 355 billion. If you take into account the fact that Mexico is a worldwide distributor, the value of marijuana sold will easily exceed our country’s budget.

House Passes Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana at Federal Level - WSJ

  1. Some US states have legalized marijuana, which has resulted in huge budget revenue.


  1. From the mid-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century, marijuana was recognized in the United States as a very effective treatment for nausea and rheumatism.


  1. On average, at least one person per minute is arrested in the US for marijuana possession.


  1. Cannabis smoke can improve lung function. Occasional use of cannabis facts improves lung function even in people who are addicted to nicotine.

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