• Reduce hemp for better structure
  • Cannabis Topping against fiming
  • Useful tips
  • Do not make a top or fim too soon
  • What to do if the hemp is already too high at the flowering stage
  • How to find out if a plant is turning its energy to a new shoot
  • Cannabis topping
  • Cannabis Fimming


These two methods are similar to the controversy between McDonald’s and Burger King, or Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Everyone chooses for himself what the soul bears more. More precisely, not everyone. Experienced manufacturers know exactly the difference and use this or that technique, depending on the situation. With this material, we have a detailed analysis of Cannabis topping and fiming, so the absolute debutant no longer has a single question.

cannabis watering


Cannabis Topping and fiming are two methods of cannabis exercise that involve phishing, or trimming the top of the bush. These methods are designed to enable each grower to achieve the best plant shape (make better use of available light), create larger cones, and produce impressive yields. Cannabis plants do not grow naturally to take full advantage of indoor lighting – a lot of light is lost in the building when cannabis plants are allowed to grow naturally without exercise.

Cannabis Topping

 Arrange the plant from the top between the nodes.

Feeming: Remove the latest growths (but do not cut between the nodes).

Cannabis Topping and fiming are so similar to each other that they form thicker plants for extra cola volume, but they do have some differences.

Note: The unfortunate abbreviation “FIM” means “F * ck I Missed” and refers to growers who accidentally removed the growth surface, instead of cutting the plants completely between the nodes. Feeming has become known as an independent method because it gives slightly different results compared to Cannabis topping (recovery time, cola size, etc.).

In the example above, the right plants were allowed to develop in a completely natural way, resulting in a classical form. Agree, this is not very effective when it comes to building indoors under artificial lighting. There are quite a few strains that are naturally shrubby, but these long, elongated varieties often yield dangerous indoor crops without training. Rusticha was training on the left. This broke the dominance of the main cola and the bush created several additional and quite equivalent ones.

topping of the cannabis

The botanical term is “axial kidney.” They start with new stems or basic cola! They are located at the base of the fan leaves.

Cannabis Topping and fiming circuit for removing or damaging the tip. This reveals the hidden axial buds and gives a signal to the plants to start spending energy on them.

Useful Tips For Cannabis topping And Fiming

  • Here are some additional tips to help you grow perfectly.
  • These growth nodes can become cola when exposed to light and air.

Only gentle methods such as LST or other types of demolition should be used to renew the plant during the flowering stage.

Tips for cannabis maintaining

If you look at the plant at the flowering stage, you will see that it does not grow and does not develop growth nodes after about 6 weeks. It just “focuses” on making the buds. Rating or fiming is not any good at this point. Plant damage at the rash stage often leads to a reduction in final yields because you are simply removing some plants and buds and can cause excessive stress during the critical aphid phase.

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